Friday, September 21, 2012

...and we're back! ...toilet paper...

We apologize for the interruption but sometimes "life" needs to take precedence.  (L here)

My first post back is about toilet paper.  Really, you say?  Toilet paper?  You have been gone for a couple months and you are trying to satisfy me with a post about toilet paper???  Yes.  It has been on my mind as a blog post for about the past two months.  Yes, really, it has.  You see - I grew up with plain, white toilet paper.  I do recall in the 80s that there were scented toilet paper "holders" that had little beads in them...but beyond that it was plain, white toilet paper.  The only decisions that need to be made were soft, double ply, no know the important things!

Here - there are quite a few choices for toilet paper but just not the same choices...  little individual squares that go in a special holder (which actually came with our apartment) or regular roll - pink, white, purple, designs, and then my favorite - the kind that you can flush the toilet paper roll instead of recycling it.  I laughed when I first saw ALL of the different colored toilet paper and thought people don't really buy those, do they???  Yes, I have actually been to a few different toilet rooms here that have something other than "white".

We have occasionally ended up with pink toilet paper when we were ordering our groceries even though I "chose" the white with the flushable roll not the pink.  It happens.  About a month ago, the only "economical" choice was a variety pack with designs on them.  This is where it gets really interesting...  they were almost all different and not cutesy little flowers or stripes or other things you might think you would want to wipe your butt they had character.  Lots and lots of character.  I guess that is what I would call it...  Well, today, I opened a new roll and I had to do a double take...  Yes, this is my toilet paper.  Perhaps the most inappropriate toilet paper I have seen, yet.  No, we did not buy this at Spencer's.  We bought it at our tiny grocer down the street.


I will leave you with a few extra pictures of our toilet paper...we had a lot more but I have no idea where we put the rest of the pictures...


  1. Haha! I want to use that tissue with the naked lady on it!

  2. This is exactly the sort of awesomeness I was missing for so long!

    Now, why is it that we don't get this sort of selection in the states? Perhaps there's a new business idea in here somewhere...

  3. When I visited my cousins in Toulouse, they had toilet paper that looked like the French franc bill! I kept a square and brought it back with me home.